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Apr 19, 2017
Summary Do you want to work online with us? We are looking for a fast and experienced vehicle / hard surface modeler who is able to work within tight deadlines. You will help us on projects including vehicle interiors and exteriors. Requirements Excellent 3ds Max, Softimage or Maya modeling skills using Subdivision/ TurboSmooth surfaces. Ability to work with pictures and/ or 3D scans as reference. An eye for detail and commitment to quality. Technically minded with good problem-solving skills. A keen interest in cars and other vehicles. Ability to be flexible, adapt to changes at short notice and work autonomous. Good clear communication skills. Responsibilities The creation of highly detailed vehicle interior and exterior models. To work with other departments to ensure implementation of work. Ability to take responsibility for the own work and manage the own time to meet deadlines. Produce consistent work of high quality. Trouble-shoot problem areas and come up with innovative solutions. Desirable Skills Good knowledge of vehicles and vehicle design. Organized, self-motivated and self-sufficient. Enthusiastic with a commitment to producing high-quality work. Good problem-solving skills. Application requirements Candidates are required to provide examples of their best work with their initial application. Please send your application to this email: