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Privacy Policy


At 3djobs privacy, transparency, security and speed are very important to us.

  • - Transparency. 3djobs is an open source jobs and 3d community forum, with real paid jobs, sharing 3d models,showcasing their creations, articles, tutorials, getting advice from others, sharing models and networking with other users that share similar interests.

  • - Secure User Data Storage 3djobs owns the server where all user data is securely stored. The server is located at our physical location! Only the site owner has access to it. Sweet!

  • - 3djobs uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) throughout entire site to encrypt users sensitive credentials. This means even the site owner cant see anyone's passwords as they are encrypted with a strong encryption! Double Sweet!

  • - For new user registrations and new first time posters we have implemented Google's reCAPTCHAv2 sophisticated algorithm to prevent unwanted spam. The algorithm sends some user data such as users hardware specifications and type of browser to Google's servers to compare against spam bots data and determine if the user is legitimate or spam. Cool!

  • - This website uses cookies that are stored in visitors browsers cache to track sessions and logins. Ads also use cookies to make ads more relevant.

  • - Speed. Our dedicated server uses the latest up to date software and latest gen hardware to handle 10's of thousands concurrent users. That means every page will load very fast! Oh my god that's it where is the Sign Up button!? ;)