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  1. Nvidia Launches Next Gen GeForce GTX 400 Series Graphics Cards
  2. Apple iPhone Sales More Than Double in Q2
  3. Avatar DVD hits stores this Thursday April 22
  4. God of War 3 top selling game in March
  5. Video Game revenues up in March since 9 months ago.
  6. Adobe Unveils Creative Suite 5 Product Family
  7. Intel Core i7 Extreme Gaming Machine Demo
  8. My Avatar review and fans.
  9. Roy E. Disney, nephew of Walt Disney Dies at age 79
  10. Marvel Stockholders Approve Disney Merger
  11. Avatar the next Titanic tops the box office with $73 Million.
  12. 3D Jobs turns 4
  14. Luxology Looks Toward the Future with Modern New Location
  15. The Embassy Uses Luxology modo to Develop Alien Weaponry for Sony Pictures District 9
  16. Ubisoft to open full development studio in Toronto. Industry professionals wanted!
  17. Pixar to open new animation studio in Vancouver, BC. 100 New jobs to be created.
  18. $14B for jobs - Creating Jobs, Stability and Confidence (British Columbia)
  19. 3D Jobs Acquires 3DJobs.com Domain
  20. Benefits of Being a Game Contractor