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> 3D Character Artist - 10 years AAA experience

3D Character Artist - 10 years AAA experience

Date Posted Apr 19, 2011  United Kingdom   Viewed 5336 Times       ID 2995
Hi my name is Sam Chester, I am a videogame artist specialising in character design and production. I have 10 years games industry experience with a tonne of published AAA titles across a wide variety of platforms. I have had various works published in international magazines and books, including Character Artist Volume 3 and the upcoming Expose 9, D’artiste series by Ballistic Publishing, books showcasing the best character, and digital art from around the globe, which is a great personal achievement.

In addition to my work in the games industry I have also worked on a broad range of projects for high spec clients in television, advertising, visualisation and film.

I am comfortable with all aspects of character creation, from concepting and design through to final renderings and animation. I always deliver work on time and to spec and strive for client\ customer satisfaction.

Examples and contact information can be found on my website www.SamChester.co.uk

Here are some examples of my most recent work.

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