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Date Posted Aug 11, 2011  France   Viewed 3744 Times       ID 3062
3D Masala  - Senior 3D artist - Freelance & Oustourcing

I am french senior 3D artist and offers a variety of 3D services. Specialist in 3D Modeling, Texturing-Shading & Rendering, my work is mainly designed for Video games and Architecture & Design Viz.

Ensuring 3D work is delivered to specification and milestone dates. Communication and feedback/approval process with your Lead artist is adapted to your request. The sole requirement from the client is clear design specifications.

With more 15 years experience in 3D industry, I provide high quality 3D solutions at very competitive rates.

3D Masala preserves all your products confidentialty. All Datas are protected with NDA and secure FTP Server.

You can have more informations at www.3D-Masala.com


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