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For the Employees and Job Seekers

Date Posted Apr 30, 2007  Default   Viewed 3428 Times       ID 192
Ready to find out how to be "The Best"? You know, one of those golden associates that keep company's clamouring for your allegiance. It's not rocket science or even mystical, it's not even "who you know". The secret is so simple it will elude the vast majority of the people who seek it. This, my friend is all it actually takes. Consistently look for ways to add profit.

The only real reason any company would need employees is to increase profitability. By cutting through the clutter inherent in most positions and focusing on the heart of what is really needed by your employer you can make yourself an all-star. Keeping this focus will put you ahead of 90% of everyone out there (including many managers and executives). Any other approach to be "The Best" will have potential downsides or, at best, only short-term success.

You see, being the best is not about reaching a destination or even "being a success" it is about the journey. To look at yourself, your accomplishments and your impact on others and to always know you did "Your Best". When you are job hunting, target a prospective employer and then determine how you could best help them add profit.

Companies, now more than ever, need talented people in position to help grow them into a brighter future. By deciding you want to become one of these people be prepared to commit to it fully. You will need to prepare, know the company, know the competition and know yourself. On top of that you must work hard, work on any areas that are lacking. Do your research, and be confident in your skills and your decision making ability. Finally, use these three keys to completely unlock your full potential; in everything you face accept it with integrity, discipline, and determination.

One other thing; in your path to be "The Best" expect adversity. Overcoming obstacles and learning to balance your expectations within the, sometimes confining corporate cultures requires exceptional skills. Skills that will make you stand out, not just in the workplace but also in life.

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