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> Radical to cut 100 staff

Radical to cut 100 staff

Date Posted Aug 18, 2008  Default   Viewed 2952 Times       ID 1950
Roman  - 3D Jobs Admin
Vancouver video game company Radical Entertainment will be laying off about 100 employees, almost half of its staff, the company confirmed Wednesday. The cut-backs stem from a decision by the company's owner -- Activision Blizzard -- to reduce the number of titles Radical produces by half.

"Activision Blizzard is committed to making the best games possible and has elected at this time to reduce the number of titles that Radical is developing from four games to two," Leah Rubin, Radical's vice-president of human resources, said in an email. "Therefore, we will be proportionately reducing the size of our studio."

The reductions come in the wake of an ownership change last month that saw France-based Vivendi, which owns Radical, and American video software company Activision, join forces as Activision Blizzard. At the time of the merger, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick told a Variety reporter that if projects didn't meet the company's requirements for return to shareholders and profitability they wouldn't be retained. Two weeks ago, Activision Blizzard released a statement saying it would "realign staffing" at Radical Entertainment as well as at High Moon Studios, which is located in San Diego, spurring rumours that layoffs were imminent.

Radical was founded in 1991 and bought by Vivendi in 2005 for an undisclosed price. In 2007 the company hired almost 100 people, only half of whom came from British Columbia. Twelve were from other provinces and the rest came from outside Canada. The hiring spree brought the number of employees to more than 200. Last month, Activision Blizzard said it would go ahead with five games or franchises including Radical's Crash Bandicoot, and Prototype, a new game created by Radical that will debut in 2009. Rubin said Radical would be offering laid-off employees a number of tools and resources to help them find new employment.

Original Article:
http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/story.html?id=ed3505 3d-2e0c-4398-a1ee-fdfe733f8f3f

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