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> 3D Animation - The Future Has Arrived

3D Animation - The Future Has Arrived

Date Posted Apr 12, 2009  Default   Viewed 2978 Times       ID 2288
Roman  - 3D Jobs Admin
Great article below about 3d animation, education and salary expecations. A bit out dated but it still serves its purpose. Originally posted on http://www.animationschoolr eview.com/sketches/2005/02/3d-animation-the-future-has-arrived.html

3d Animation -The Future Has Arrived

By Sarah Christensen

An education in 3D animation can offer you a world of opportunity in film and software production. 3D animation is increasingly being incorporated into other technologies in a process called technology convergence. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, career opportunities are expanding in 3D animation.

What is 3D animation?

3D animation is a process where characters or objects are created as moving images. Rather than traditional flat or 2d characters, these 3D animation images give the impression of being able to move around characters and observe them from all angles, just like real life. 3D animation technology is relatively new and if done by hand would take thousands of hours to complete one short section of moving film. The employment of computers and software has simplified and accelerated the 3D animation process. As a result, the number of 3D animators as well as the use of 3D animation technology has increased.

What will I learn in a 3D animation program?

Your 3D animation program course content depends largely upon the 3D animation program in which you enroll. Some programs allow you to choose the courses that you are interested in. Other 3D animation programs are more structured and are intended to train you for a specific career or 3D animation role within the industry. You may learn about character creation, storyboarding, special effects, image manipulation, image capture, modeling, and various computer aided 3D animation design packages. Some 3D animation courses may cover different methods of capturing and recreating movement for 3D animation. You may learn "light suit" technology, in which suits worn by actors pinpoint the articulation of joints by a light. This if filmed from various different angles and used to replicate animated movement in a realistic way).

What skills will I need for a 3D animation program?

You'll need to have both creativity and attention to detail for a career in 3D animation. There are many talented individuals who are attracted by a 3D animation career, so you'll need to stand out from the rest. There are plenty of jobs within 3D animation requiring teamwork, as each person needs to contribute skills toward the final product. Clearly, you would benefit from having at least a passing familiarity with computers and graphics before starting your 3D animation program.

What sorts of careers need 3D animation training?

You could use your 3D animation training to work with computer gaming producers, as well as film and video studios. Other opportunities for people with training in 3D animation include commercial production, entertainment, and even education. The military are usually quick to exploit the latest technology. You may find opportunities involved with virtual reality and 3D animation based military tools such as flight simulators or simulated combat training. Increasing computer power and subsequent decreasing cost are bringing 3D animation into the reach of other industry sectors. Other industries that use 3D animation include interior design, architecture, medical training, and naval architecture. Other new and exciting applications for 3D animation are sure to come.

What sort of career path and salary can I expect with 3D animation training?

According to the Bureau of Labor, Median annual earnings of salaried multi-media artists and animators, including 3D animation professionals, were $43,980 in 2002. The middle 50 percent earned between $33,970 and $61,120. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $25,830, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $85,160. Median annual earnings were $58,840 in motion picture and video industries.

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