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> 3D Jobs turns 4

3D Jobs turns 4

Date Posted Oct 11, 2009  Default   Viewed 3163 Times       ID 2486
Roman  - 3D Jobs Admin
On October 7, 2009 3D Jobs turned 4 years old!

3D Jobs was registered on October 7, 2005 under the name 3DJobs.ca and then on April 23, 2009 3D Jobs was transferred to 3DJobs.com. 3D Jobs started as a hobby project and over the years has been improved to make it easier for creative and technical job seekers to quickly and easily connect with 3D industry employers. 3D Jobs has been gradually getting recognized by major video game studios and film companies that regularly use 3D Jobs to post 3d industry related jobs. Employers may also browse through a growing database of artists demo reels as yet another option for finding the right talent much faster.

I think that 3DJobs.com will be well recognized in the 3d industry and that creative and technical professionanls that work in this industry or just starting out will find it to be very practical. There are many great plans ahead of 3D Jobs so dont blink! Be sure to visit the site for new job postings and 3d industry news releases daily.

Happy 4th Aniversary!!!

Roman Bart
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