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> Video Game revenues up in March since 9 months ago.

Video Game revenues up in March since 9 months ago.

Date Posted Apr 19, 2010  Default   Viewed 3444 Times       ID 2759
Roman  - 3D Jobs Admin
The video game industry had positive revenues in March after being down for the past 9 months. The majority of revenues came from video game software and accessories while hardware revenues took a hit, according to The NPD Group.

For the month of March, the industry generated $1.52B, up 6 percent from $1.44B. Of that figure, games and accessories brought in $875.3M, up 10 percent from $795M March 2009 figures. On the other hand hardware brought in $440.5M, down 4 percent from $457.1M a year earlier.

Reason for the decline in hardware revenue was that the average prices for video game console hardware were down 16 percent nationwide, said NPD analyst Anita Frazier in a written report Thursday.
Nintendo dominated the hardware sales and sold 557,500 Wii units and 700,000 Nintendo DS units in March while Microsoft Xbox sold 338,400 units and Playstation 3 sold 313,900 units.

Top best selling game in March was the God of War 3 for PS3 with 1.1M units sold.

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