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> Avatar DVD hits stores this Thursday April 22

Avatar DVD hits stores this Thursday April 22

Date Posted Apr 20, 2010  Default   Viewed 3559 Times       ID 2765
Roman  - 3D Jobs Admin
This will be the theatrical 2D version of Avatar and no extras, just the movie in 2D. Then in November a second version will be available with extras and special features yet it will also be in 2D. And according to some rumors there will be another 3rd release which will be in 3D but it wont be out until sometime next year? Talk about milking out every single penny possible of the consumer. Not only most will buy the April release but majority will also purchase the November release and then most of the same folks will also buy it third time when it finally comes out in 3D. Great business strategy I guess. Personally I will wait for the 3D release. Awsome film.

Actors: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana
Director: James Cameron
Studio: 20 Century Fox
DVD Release Date: April 22 2010
Run Time: 162 minutes

Roman Bart
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