Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 Features

April 27, 2011 By Christian Castro, 3DjOBS Reviews

Autodesk 2012 entertainment products release is finally here. As it was much anticipated, the new version provides professionals with the latest industrial media productions toolsets. This includes 3ds Max, Maya, Mudbox, Motionbuilder, Smoke, Flame and many more with a boatload of additions and changes.

Looking through the lens of this topic, the main focus here is the 3ds Max upgrades and additions in an overall perspective. There are many film and game production professionals that implement 3ds Max as a major entrée in the productions pipeline. Its enhancements are head turning and included are these major additions: Nitrous accelerated graphics core, Substance procedural textures, mRigids rigid-body dynamics, iray renderer, Enhanced UVW unwrapping, Vector displacement map support, and Sculpting and painting enhancements (A summary of each feature is available at

After reviewing these major enhancements, the overall focus is production speed. There are some esthetic changes, such as UVW unwrapping that includes also new features; however the features themselves allow for the user to "spend more time" in the application and allows an overall concentration in productive work within the application rather than preparing to export to some other software package. This is key when it comes to finishing the work. Having to rely on multiple software packages to further refine the quality of work is very typical, but by accommodating the user with a greater variety of tools, work becomes more concentrated within the package shaving valuable time in the workflows. Keep a look-out on upcoming articles and tutorials where there will be a more in-depth look at these features. In closing, the 3ds max enhancements are mashed potatoes and gravy; check them out for yourselves by trying out the available demos from the Autodesk site.

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