Watch how I unbox worlds fastest gpu the TITAN V 32GB CEO EDITION GPU signed by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang. There are only 20 units produced in the world which makes this video card rare and unique collectors computer part.

This is fully unlocked VOLTA GV100 chip and specifications as the Quadro GV100 32GB and Tesla V100 that retails for $8,999 USD. Some of the core specifications is the GV100 graphics processor built on the VOLTA architecture which comes with 5120 CUDA CORES, 320 Texture Units, 128 ROPs, 80 SMs and 640 Tensor Cores for deep learning and AI. The memory has been boosted to a whopping 32GB HBM2 4096-Bit that produces 900GB/s bandwidth. The most unique feature is the double precision performance clocked at over 7.5 TFlops and ability to use Quadro features.

This is truly unique video card because not only it is as fast as the RTX 2080 Ti in games but it is also a Quadro GV100 and a Tesla V100 at the same time! Its like having 3 different types of video cards crammed into one gpu! It even outperforms the Quadro GV100 in professional OpenGL and DirectX applications because it is clocked higher. This is truly the holy grail of gpus in 2018!

Hope you like the intro!

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